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We welcome you to our new site, where you will know ALL about us!
You will know our History, our Philosophy, you will be able to access our Fantastic and SUPERIOR Menu and you will be able to see it as in a Virtual Tour, the look of our local dishes and our dishes still cooked like LOVE TRADITION without any reworking and always using fresh ingredients And typical of our land to make each of us eat by reaping the memories and emotions that the Flavors and Odors of the genuine dishes that our Grandparents or Parents have been preparing for us every single day since our childhood!
Now if you also want something so good to give you such emotions ... the only thing you have to do is come and visit us and everything else we will be happy to think about!

Grotta d'Abruzzo 

Via Palermo, 45 C.a.p 00184


Telefono : 06 47 40 980

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